Results of "TRIZ Developers Summit, 2007".

July 18th, 2007

TRIZ Developers Summit - TRIZ Summit 2007 (TDS-07) was held in Moscow on July 7-8, 2007. The main topical subject matter of TDS-07 was "Development of tools for analysis of engineering systems for problem statement ". 108 TRIZ specialists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Italy, South Korea took part in TDS-07, among them MA TRIZ President Mark Barkan and ETRIA President Gaetano Cascini. TRIZ Summit was moderated by S.S.Litvin and M.S.Rubin. 11 papers and 1 report were read:

M.S.Rubin, O.M.Gerasimov. "Methods for the Analysis of Problem Situations and Selection of Problems. Attempt of Review".
S.S.Litvin. "Tools for Identification of "Correct Problems" in the G3: ID methodology".
Axelrod B.M. "Analysis of Causality of Interactions as a System-Forming Approach in Study of Situations and Systems".
Yu.S.Murashkovsky. "Statement of Problem in the Systems of Scientific Beliefs".
M.S.Rubin. "Selection of Problems in Social-and-Engineering Systems".
S.Ikovenko. "Approaches to Identification of Problems in Ecological Designing".
O.Yu.Abramov. "Selection of Engineering System for Improvement".
V.N.Glazunov. "Methods of Search for Substituting Problems in the Inventive Program "Novator 4.0".
Liubomirsky A. "Selection of Base System in Terms of "Potentiality" Parameter".
N.B. Feygenson "Resources of Systems as a Source for Problem Statement".
V. G. Sibiryackov "Complex Technology for Solving Organizational Problems: Methodology for Constructing "Tree of Contradictions" for the Analysis and Development of Organizations".
A.M. Pinyaev. "Application of Cause/Effect Analysis for the Statement of Inventive Problems".

Other papers were also submitted to the organizational committee of TRIZ Summit 2007:

V.Yu.Bubentsov. "Approaches to the Analysis of Initial Situation".
V.M.Gerasimov. L.A.Kozhevnickova. "Alternative Approach to Problem Statement".
G.I. Ivanov. Algorithm for the Selection of Engineering Problems - AVIS"
L.A.Kozhevnickova. "TRIZ. Problem Statement. List of Manuscripts from the Fund of Materials on TRIZ at Chelyabinsk Regional University Scientific Library".

A collection of scientific articles "TRIZ Analysis. Methods for the Study of Problem Situations and Identification of Innovative Problems" was published for the TDS-07. This is the first issue in the TRIZ Developers Summit Library.
Currently conducted studies and reviews on methods for the analysis of problem situations and selection of problems were discussed at TDS-07. A spectrum of presented studies was rather broad: specific tools for the analysis and software products, generalizations of trends in the development of methods for analysis and fundamental approaches to studying these trends and methods, analysis of problem situations in business and social-and-engineering systems and other studies.

The following conclusions were drawn based on the submitted works:

- During recent years the methods based on the analysis of functions, structure, features and parameters of systems have been developing more actively than the methods based on the analysis of problem situations; the methods based on integration of features of alternative systems are efficient;
- The development of methods for the analysis of engineering systems proceeds in the direction associated with the following sequence of questions: "How to find a strong solution for an inventive problem?" —>Ё"How to identify the correct problem that needs to be solved?" —>"How to identify the correct system that needs to be improved?" —>"How to identify the correct goal for improvement?";
- The notion of "correct problem statement" is relative and completely dependent upon the super-problem: the higher is the level, at which the problem is initially formulated, the higher is the level of the obtained solution;
- Approach to problem selection from the standpoint of supersystem makes it necessary to take into account the ecological requirements to engineering systems, long-term forecasts for system development and forecasted market volume;
- It is recommended to use a multi-aspect approach for the analysis of social-and-engineering systems taking into account not only engineering, but also social, economic, legal and other characteristics of the system, which, in particular, makes it necessary to introduce changes into the TRIZ conceptual inventory;
- Methods are proposed, which are aimed at finding a broad spectrum of solutions for the elimination of initial, instead of methods for finding the only solution ("the best" solution).

TDS-07 participants had a discussion on goals and forms of work at TRIZ Summit. It was noted that the goal of TRIZ Summit was to create a "platform" for discussing strategic problems of TRIZ development, to create a unified logical system of TRIZ knowledge integrating the majority of developments conducted by leading TRIZ developers, to identify and analyze the main problems of TRIZ development as a science. It was proposed to change the format of TRIZ Summit, specifically:
- to prepare (to order) 2-3 main-topic papers,
- to specially invite opponents specializing in the fields of presented developments,
- to hold closed sessions of TRIZ Summit for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of discussions with subsequent presentation of results at the next international TRIZ conference,
- to select more specific topics for discussion at TRIZ Summit with the aim to develop particular recommendations on improvement of already known TRIZ tool/TRIZ section or development of a new TRIZ tool/TRIZ section,
- to prepare final TRIZ Summit recommendations for the entire TRIZ community.

A photo-report of TDS-07 can be found at the web-site: .

It was announced at TDS-07 that TRIZ Master A.V.Kudryavtsev was elected to the Board of TRIZ Summit in addition to its founders.

July 7-8th, 2007, Moscow

Founders of "TRIZ Developers Summit"
S.S.Litvin ЃNC  
V.M.Petrov ЃNC  
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