Michael S. Rubin was born on November 12, 1954 in Baku. M.Rubin is one of the disciples and co-authors of G.Altshuller. M.Rubin is a TRIZ Master (Diploma No. 44). From 1973 till 1975 M.Rubin took a TRIZ course (taught by G.Altshuller.) at the Azerbaijan Public Institute of Inventive Creative Activity (Diploma No. 75).
M.Rubin has published over 100 scientific and popular-science articles on TRIZ, business, innovation, energy industry and other TRIZ-related issues. His fields of expertise are forecasting and TRIZ application in business.
Since 1988 M.Rubin participated (as a lecturer) in over 100 training and consultation seminars on TRIZ and business.
During 1998-2005 M.Rubin was an executive director and then President of the International TRIZ Association.
At present M.Rubin is a deputy director on marketing of the Innovation Technology Consulting Center ALGORITHM (Saint Petersburg, Russia). M.Rubin also holds a post of Academic Secretary of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council and Deputy Chairman of Saint Petersburg Innovative Technology Society.