The collection of papers on “Development of Inventive Problem Solving Tools” is supposed to be useful for engineers, inventors and innovation experts.
The issue includes recent contributions of TRIZ specialists to inventive problem solving tools and innovation design. The collection presents papers on all groups of inventive problem solving tools as well as materials on TRIZ history and TRIZ methodology as a whole.
This is the second volume of the research and methodological materials of TRIZ Development Summit Library Series.

"TRIZ developers summit" is a public non-governmental organization established to the initiative of TRIZ researchers. The main task of TRIZ Summit is to organize the interaction and joint activity of developers and researchers in the field of TRIZ as science. The activity of TRIZ Summit developers includes annual scientific conferences on TRIZ, which are held starting from 2005. The "prototype" of TRIZ Summit was the activity of Public Laboratory of Inventive Activity (PLIA) and scientific seminars on TRIZ development, which were held in Petrozavodsk under the guidance of G.S.Altshuller.
Both experienced and young TRIZ researchers are invited to participate in TRIZ Summit conferences. Since 2007 collections of scientific papers are published, which are included in the TRIZ Summit Developers Library. The present collection is the second issue of this Library. The publication of this collection coincides with the work of TRIZ Summit 2008 (TDS-2008) and is devoted to research covering the development of tools for inventive problem solving. All methods were sub-divided into four groups:
- tools for inventive problem solving on the basis of contradiction resolution (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving, contradiction elimination principles, and so forth);
- tools for inventive problem solving on the basis of Su-Field models (Su-Field analysis, standards for solving inventive problems);
- tools for inventive problem solving on the basis of function model (trimming, function-oriented search, etc.);
- tools for inventive problem solving on the basis of trends of engineering systems evolution.
The present collection includes papers related to these groups of tools for inventive problem solving, as well as other materials related to TRIZ history and methodology.
Many papers presented in the collection are abridged. Electronic version of TRIZ Summit 2008 materials contains the full version of these papers.

Facilitators of TRIZ Developers Summit, TRIZ Masters
A.V.Kudryavtsev, S.S.Litvin, V.M.Petrov, M.S.Rubin
24-27 July 2008.