Informatiom Letter No.2

Information letter No. 2, March 19, 2016.


 “We think that the progress of the mankind depends upon the competition of talented people of each generation… Everything changes. Unchangeable in the whole history of mankind remains this capacity for purification and enlightenment in creation”.

From the lecture of G.S.Altshuller in LETI on November 9, 1989.


Dear colleagues!



1. Twelfth conference of TRIZ Developers summit “TRIZ in Evolution” will take place in Saint-Petersburg since June 20 till June 22, 2016. It is devoted to the 90-year jubilee of G.S. Altshuller. The conference is organized jointly with Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) and on its territory.  The organizing committee includes the Chief of the Сhair of Biotechnical systems of Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), Doctor of Science (Eng.), Professor Zafar M. Juldashev. The current composition of the organization committee is as follows: P. Amnuel, O. Gerassimov, A. Efimov, P. Livotov, V. Petrov, M. Rubin (Chairman), Z. Yuldashev.


2. Reports and papers on the following topics will be discussed at the conference:

- reports on life and creative activity of G.S. Altshuller;

- developments in the field of “TRIZ and science”

- practice of TRIZ application in innovative activity;

- system of incessant TRIZ-education.

The organizing committee of the conference continues to receive the materials. The received applications for papers are published at the web-site As of March 15, 2016 the following applications for papers have been received:

  • Ye.B. Redkolis, V.D. Berdonosov. “Standardization of TRIZ educational programs. Opportunities and problems”.
  • P. Amnuel. “Genrich Altshuller (G. Altov) as science fiction author” and “TRIZ and CPD (Creative Personality Development)”.
  • M.S. Rubin. “Eight Thoughts on Nature and Technology. 30 years after”.
  • N.B. Feygenson, O.B. Feygenson. “Two approaches to the problems: comparing methodological styles of G. Altshuller and P. Drucker”.
  • M.S. Rubin, I.L. Misiutchenko. “Evolution studies. Capture and inertia in system evolution”.
  • A.M. Markov. “Inventions of G.S. Altshuller”.
  • M.S. Rubin, S.S. Syssoev.  “ARIZ-based computer program: “Compinno-TRIZ”.
  • N.V. Rubina. “Summing up the results of the competition “TRIZ-summit-2016 cup”.
  • V.M. Petrov. History of TRIZ evolution.
  • Rustem Aminov. “Structuring in TRIZ" (a hypothesis of unified approach to describing different directions in TRIZ evolution is proposed and verified based on publications in accessible sources).
  • Wiatcheslav Efremov. “Application of geometrical forms in design developments and business problems".  
  • Wiatcheslav Efremov. Article “Practice of solving pedagogical problems”.
  • A.P. Diatchenko. “Theory of system-based capture in the analysis of art systems”.
  • V.A. Mikhailov. Chemical effects used in patents” 
  • V.V. Zaryaev (Nikitin). “Theory of scientific problem solving”.
  • S.A. Logvinov, Yu.V. Lebedev, D.N. Logatchev, A.F. Parfyonov. Peculiarities of performing projects at the Russian market.
  • S.P. Sobolev. “Use of TRIZ tools for localization of manufacturing and import substitution”.

We are waiting for your new applications for articles and reports for TRIZ-Summit-2016.



3. In order to take part in the conference as a speaker and/or the author of a poster presentation, it is necessary to send an article (several articles) on one of the topics of the conference “TRIZ in Evolution” addressing it to The article should have the volume of no greater than 14 pages, lettering size 14 (TimesNewRoman) in Microsoft Word, line interval 1.15. The format of inserted pictures should be GIF or JPG. Please, don’t use any tools of automatic numbering of tables, pictures, footnotes and bibliographical lists. The article may be presented either in English or in Russian or in both languages. The article should have a summary in Russian and in English. The articles should be sent by April 30, 2016.  All received works are evaluated by the Expert Council of the TRIZ Developers Summit. The Chairman of the Expert Council of the TRIZ Developers Summit is TRIZ Master A.W. Efimov.  The works corresponding to the topics of TRIZ Summit shall be published at the web-site The materials selected by the expert council, shall be also published in the conference proceedings. The reports to be read at the conference shall be formed based on these materials.


4. The results of the international competition for schoolchildren and students “TRIZ-Summit Cup” will traditionally be summed up at the conference. The information on the competition is available at the following web-site: The competition works are still received by the organizing committee. The term of submitting works for the competition  “TRIZ-Summit Cup” is prolonged till March 30, 2016. The results of the competition shall be summed up before April 10, 2016.


5. The materials of the conference shall be published both in Russian and in English. In case English-speaking TRIZ specialists take part in the conference, translation shall be organized. Please, advise us in advance concerning your wish to participate in the work of the conference. For this purpose fill in the questionnaire, which is to be found at


6. The following panel talks and seminars have been announced as part of the conference under TRIZ-Summit- 2016:

  • Seminar "Genrich Altshuller (G. Altov) as science fiction writer" and “TRIZ and CPD (Creative Personality Development)”. Pavel Amnuel (Israel), science-fiction writer, TRIZ Master.
  • Seminar “History of TRIZ. TRIZ tools development under the guidance of G.S. Altshuller”. V. Petrov, TRIZ Master.
  • Seminar “Inventive thinking. Theory and practice of forming it”. N. Rubina. TRIZ Master.
  • Seminar “TRIZ in the evolution of bio-technical systems” M. Rubin, TRIZ Master, R&D director of Healbe company.
  • Seminar “ARIZ-based computer program: “Compinno-TRIZ” M. Rubin, S. Syssoev.
  • Seminar "Theory of system-based capture in the analysis of art systems", Andrey P. Diatchenko, Member of International Association of Art historians (AIC), Member of Union of Scientists of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Panel talk “Chemical effects, used in patents”. V. Mikhailov, TRIZ Master.
  • Seminar. “Evolution studies. Capture and inertia in system evolution”. M.Rubin, I. Missiuchenko.
  • Panel talk “Analysis of the works submitted for competition “TRIZ-Summit cup”. N.Rubina.
  • Panel talk "TRIZ in innovative business projects".


Summaries and conditions of participation in the corresponding seminars and panel talks are quoted at the web-site In order to take part in them, it is necessary to fill in and to send the questionnaire prior to April 30, 2016. The questionnaire is to be found at the web-site


7. The information concerning fees for taking part in the work of the conference and seminars, as well as concerning sponsor fees is published at the web-site in the text of the questionnaire/application form  Currently the sponsors of the conference are Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) and the company “Petro MS” The sponsor of competition “TRIZ-Summit Cup” is Abdulla Moukhamedshin (Moscow).


We wish you good luck!

Directors of the TRIZ developers Summit-2016

Mikhail Semyonovich Rubin

Vladimir Mikhailovich Petrov