Collection of Scientific Papers "Operation Principles of Systems", TRIZ Developers Summit Library. St-Petersburg, July 2011

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«TRIZ Developers Summit» is a non-governmental organization established to the initiative of researchers working in the field of TRIZ. The main goal of TRIZ Summit is to organize the interaction of developers and researchers contributing to the development of TRIZ as a science. The activity of TRIZ Developers Summit involves annual scientific research seminars on TRIZ, which are held for the seventh time, starting from 2005. The activity of Non-Governmental Invention Laboratory and scientific seminars on TRIZ development, which took place in Baku and Petrozavodsk under the guidance of G.S.Altshuller from 1973 till 1987 served as an «ancestor» for TRIZ Summit.

TRIZ experts from different countries took part in the sessions of TRIZ Summit during seven years – namely, Russia, USA, Germany, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, South Korea, Taiwan, Estonia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries.

Four collections of scientific papers have been published for the TRIZ Developers Library since 2007:
·        2007 – TRIZ Analysis. Methods for Studying Problem-Related Situations and Identification of Innovative Tasks;
·        2008 – Development of Tools for Solving Inventive Problems;
·        2010 – TRIZ-Based Forecasting methods;
·        2011 – Operation Principles of Systems.
The present collection of papers includes articles and papers devoted to studies in the field of formation and development of operation principles for systems – both engineering systems and ones that are not related to engineering. Full texts of papers given in the present collection in the form of abstracts in English are published in Russian in the Collection of Scientific Papers and in the Internet site

M. S. Rubin, A. V. Kudryavtsev, S. S. Litvin, V. M. Petrov. July 2011



Petrov V. M. Defining the Operation Principle of the Engineering System