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Attension! New contest!

30 december 2014

Dear colleagues!

On the eve of the New Year we are happy to send to you the conditions of the contest of the International Non-governmental Organization “TRIZ DEVELOPERS’ SUMMIT” We invite you to take active part in conducting this contest. We are ready to offer to you the rights of representatives of the contest. Please, write to us, if you are interested in this proposal or if you have questions in connection with conducting this contest.

We hope that owing to your support the contest of the TRIZ DEVELOPERS’ SUMMIT will become one of the tools of preparation of TRIZ specialists.

Happy New Year!

We wish you all the best: great success and let all you most fantastic wishes come true in the New Year!!!


Organizational committee of the contest N.V.Rubina, M.N.Shusterman, L.S.Chechulin