Young-Ju Kang
101-1702 POSCO APT Daichi-dong Kangnam-gu Seoul, Korea
Scientific Advisor: AlexanderLyubomirskiy
            TRIZ is a rule of technical evolution of engineering system. Many great inventions were developed by TRIZ and are very powerful for (1) patent circumvention, (2) cost reduction, (3) system improvement, (4) process innovation and (5) new product development. Modern TRIZ process is composed with Analytical Stage for analyzing system and Creative Stage for generating concepts.
            Usually Function Analysis is the most popular to describe system. Even though it can build objective model of the system but it is not enough for new product design because it is usually models existing components of present system.
            Future system can be based on same structure function and component but usually the system’s sets of functions are much different to conventional design. To predict future system, it is needed to study the structure of function not the component of existing system.
Function Tree is developed for describing functional structure to design future system. It starts from conventional Function Analysis and extract functions from it. It is turned to Functional Requirement and grouped as Function Module. After that it forms a hierarchical structure of sets of Functional Requirements. Function Tree could overview a system more in the philosophical view of designer.
This study has been brushed through lots of real practices in LG-Cable, and Hyundai Motors. And it is found that this modeling provides more useful problem to develop new system. In this thesis, development of new backlight unit of LCD-LED display will be discussed as an example with previous approach to resolve the problems in the system as comparative study.