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13 march 2012



MATRIZ announces the intent to issue a grant on TRIZ methodology development. The grant will be issued to the authors of the best proposal. The grant amount is at least US$1000.

TRIZ-Grant 2012 Topic: Combining multiple partial inventive solutions into an integral concept of a new product or process.

Topic description: it is well-known that the real-world innovation is not reducible to a solution of a particular inventive problem. Several different problems may need to be addressed together in order to obtain the required innovation result. Each of these problems may have several effective solutions. Combinations of different solutions may lead to very different cumulative effect. Moreover, some of these combinations may be reduced to practice right away, whereas others, which look more promising, may require additional R&D effort and may be subjects to higher risk during their implementation. In any case, in order to make a decision on which of the solutions to implement, the manufacturer needs a holistic concept of a new product or process rather than mere inventive ideas. Today, creation of such concepts is not supported by the TRIZ techniques and is based on the experience and intuition of a TRIZ expert. It is suggested to develop detailed methodological recommendations (preferably, in a form of algorithms done according to certain rules), which will allow to systematically combine different ideas into integral concepts or “portraits” of a new product or process.

The deadline for proposal submission is March 23, 2012.

The winning proposal will be announced no later than April 20, 2012.



The e-mail for submissions is fey@trizgroup.com 

Requirements to Grant Proposals

1. In order to apply for the Grant, the authors submit:

   a. Written proposal in accordance with the contents outlined below;

   b. Author’s personal information (full name, address, name of employer, highest degree of MATRIZ certification, contact info, photograph)

2. The volume of the proposal must be between 3 and 10 letter size pages (font 12 pt, single spacing)

3. Proposal must contain:

   a. Title;

   b. Description of the author’s research experience in the areas covered by the grant topic. Publications in the indexed journals make proposal more competitive.

   c. Description of the main ideas and concepts which will be used to do the work in accordance with the grant.

   d. Description of the materials and methods which will be used by the grant recipient for the development of the new piece of TRIZ methodology;

   e. Descriptions of the ways the results of the work will be validated in practice and training;

   f. Suggested terms (how long the work will take)

   g. Substantiation of the requested dollar amount.

4. The proposal must be written in English or Russian.

Requirements to Quality of Completed Work

1. The contents of the work must accord to the grant topic and scope.

2. The volume of the report must be no less than 30 pages of the standard letter size (font 12 pt, single spacing).

3. The report must contain the overview of the state of the art related to the grant topic

4. The work must contain key points which are substantially different from the prior art.

5. Every key point must be illustrated by an example. For the works in applied methodology, examples of the practical application of the key methodology points are necessary.

6. The examples must be new.

   Note: It is acceptable to use known inventive situations and problems if the key methodological point it illustrates allowed to obtain new results.

7. The work must be validated by practice and training. It is recommended to publish the results of the work; publications in the indexed journals have priority over others.

8. The report must be submitted in English and in Russian. In exceptional circumstances, with special permission of the grant committee, the report may be submitted in one of the languages with abstracts in both.

9. The presentation is prepared in English or Russian, according to an agreement between grant committee and recipient.