Information Letter No. 1

Information letter No.1, December 18, 2015.


Dear colleagues!


1. In June 2015 the 11th conference of TRIZ Summit took place in Saint-Petersburg. It was dedicated to the memory of our colleagues, TRIZ Masters Yu.V.Gorin, G.I.Ivanov and V.V.Mitrofanov. The conference was focused at the issues of developing TRIZ as a science, practical application of TRIZ and permanent TRIZ education. The results of the international contest for schoolchildren and students were summed up. For materials of the conference see the web-site of

At this meeting a decision was passed to organize the next conference of TRIZ-Summit in Saint-Petersburg.


2. The conference of TRIZ Summit “TRIZ in Evolution” will take place in Saint-Petersburg on June 17, 2016. The venue of the conference and the information on panel talks and seminars will be sent additionally. The conference will be dedicated to the memory of G.S.Altshuller, whose 90-year jubilee will take place next year. 


3. The reports and papers on the following topics will be discussed at the conference:

- reports on the life and creative activity of G.S.Altshuller;

- on the development of TRIZ as a science;

- practice of using TRIZ in innovation activities;

- system of permanent TRIZ-education.

The results of international competition for schoolchildren and students “TRIZ Summit Cup” will be traditionally summed up at the conference. For information on the competition see the following web-site:


4. The organizing committee of the conference has been created including M.Rubin, V.Petrov, P.Livotov, P.Amnuel, A.Yefimov, V.Gerasimov. In order to analyze and review the received works a team of reviewers has been formed under the direction of A.Yefimov.


5. In order to take part in the conference with reports and papers, you are kindly requested to send your materials to the address of the conference before April 15, 2016. The materials should correspond to the topical palette of the conference. The selection of materials for publication will be carried out based on reviewing. Please, inform us concerning the topics of the materials, which you are planning to send before January 30, 2016.


6. The materials of the conference are published in Russian and in English. Translation will be organized in case English-speaking TRIZ specialists will take part in the conference. Please, inform us in advance about your wish to take part in the conference.


7. The information concerning fees for participation in the work of the conference and seminars as well as on sponsors’ fees will be presented in the next information letter. Currently the company “PetroMS” is the sponsor of the conference.


8. We are planning to conduct seminars and panel talks, which are traditionally associated with the organization of TRIZ Summit. Please, inform us in advance, before January 30, concerning your wishes relating to the topics of the seminars and panel talks, in which you would like to take part.  We shall try to take your wishes into account in planning the events of the conference.



We wish you good luck!


Organizers of TRIZ Developers Summit-2016

Mikhail S.Rubin

Vladimir M.Petrov