Information letter No. 2

Information letter No. 2, February 16, 2015.



On preparation of the international conference of TRIZ Summit

“TRIZ in evolution”.


Dear colleagues!

1. We hereby inform you that on June 15, 2015 the international conference of the Non-profitable organization “TRIZ Developers Summit” under the title “TRIZ in evolution” will take place.  We’re planning to discuss two interconnected topics: “Incessant education and preparation of TRIZ researchers” and “TRIZ and science”. On June 14 the meeting of the reporters of the TRIZ Summit conference aimed at the discussion of the main reports of the conference will take place. On June 15 the conference will take place, in which all interested persons might participate.

2. The partners of Non-profitable organization “TRIZ developers’ Summit” in terms of organizing the conference “TRIZ in evolution” are: Saint-Petersburg college of Patent Attorneys ( ) and the Russian National library ( ). The goals of the conference “TRIZ in evolution” coincide with the enlightening aims of our partners and with the tendency to develop TRIZ-based innovation education. The conference of TRIZ Summit will take place on June 15, 2015 at the Russian National library. More detailed information will be furnished later, in the course of preparation for the conference.


3. It is planned that the operation of the section of the conference “Incessant education and preparation of TRIZ researchers” will imply the discussion of issues related to enhancement of quality of training materials, educational programs, preparation of TRIZ teachers and TRIZ researchers. Currently we observe the deterioration of quality of TRIZ educational materials, rejection of TRIZ fundamental positions. At the same time practical innovative activity implying TRIZ leads to the origination of new efficient methods and tools, which don’t always find reflection in TRIZ educational programs. Our aim is to collect and to study the most successful experience accumulated  in this field in various countries, to single out the most efficient programs and materials, to discuss the ways of further evolution. We shall also pay attention to the issues of education in the field of patent right and performing patent research.

Taking part in the conference on this topic implies submission of articles with the description of training programs for different age and different specialties, training manuals, methodological materials, computer programs, TRIZ educational standards and other materials. Of special interest shall be the materials, which are aimed at the preparation of researchers in the field of TRIZ.

In evaluation of TRIZ education programs and in preparation (training) of researchers the expert commission will be oriented at the completeness of training programs, presence of high-quality methodological and illustrative material, correspondence to ideas concerning main TRIZ provisions and components, which are listed below:

(Major TRIZ Components and Provisions)

TRIZ is founded on the objective laws of technological evolution.

The major laws of technological evolution are systemic and can be applied for solving inventive problems of engineering and non-engineering systems, including non-material ones.

TRIZ ideology is based on the provision that systems evolve through emergence and resolution of contradictions. High level inventive solutions leading to the resolution of contradictions in system evolution constitute the knowledge base for disclosing the laws and trends of system evolution.

Developing TRIZ for its application in non-engineering fields relies on knowledge bases containing high level inventive solutions from various areas of human activity.

TRIZ relies on a model approach to problem statement, search for solutions, and  elaboration of system evolution trends. At that, models based on Su-field and function analysis and ideal final result, as well as those describing the process of inventive problem stating and solving are used. 

The inventive thinking includes systemic, evolutionary, and resource thinking.  To create such thinking, attention should be paid to developing inventive imagination.  

TRIZ is based on the approaches laid by G.Altshuller's works.


4. Section “TRIZ and science” implies the discussion on various aspects of this topic. These are issues of subject and method of TRIZ treated from the standpoint of science theory, as well as positioning of TRIZ in Russian and international academic milieu, quality of scientific publications of TRIZ community, solving of scientific research problems using TRIZ methods, etc. The conference will also imply the presentation of results of a series of webinars on the topic “TRIZ and science”, which are currently in progress (February – May 2015, coordinator of webinars D.Bakhturin).

5. In order to take part in the conference as a speaker and/or the author of poster sessions, it is necessary to send to the address the article(s) relating to at least one of the two topics of the conference “TRIZ in evolution”, the volume of which should be up to 12 pages, font 14 (TimesNewRoman) in Microsoft Word, interlinear interval 1.15. The format of inserted pictures should be GIF or JPG. You are kindly requested not to use automatic formation of numbers of tables, drawings, footnotes and reference list. The article should be furnished either in Russian and/or in English. The article should include a summary in Russian and in English. The article on the topic “Incessant education and preparation of TRIZ researchers” can be attended by illustrative supplements: programs, methodological recommendations, presentations, working notepads, etc. The articles should be sent prior to April 25, 2015. All received works are evaluated by the expert council of TRIZ Developers’ Summit. The chairman of the TRIZ Expert council is TRIZ Master A.V.Yefimov. The works, which correspond to TRIZ Summit topics are published at the web-site . The materials selected by the Expert council are also published in the materials of the conference. The reports to be read at the conference are formed based on these materials.

A day before the start of the operation of TRIZ Summit conference, the meeting of the authors of the main reports will be held in order to discuss the furnished materials and to prepare for the conference.


6. The results of international competition under TRIZ Summit for schoolchildren and students, which is currently in progress, will also be summed up at the conference.  The information about the competition is to be found at the web-sites and

7. The conference will be conducted in Russian and in English, with synchronous translation of the read papers. In order to cover the expenditures on the publishing of the conference materials, translation of materials and papers and other organizational expenditures, the conference participant’s fee will be stipulated. Tentatively it will amount to 6000 rubles, though the sum will be elaborated in the following information letters. Schoolchildren, students, winners of the TRIZ Summit competition will have the opportunity of free participation in the conference.

Submission of articles and applications for participation in the conference as well as letter exchange regarding all issues associated with the conference is conducted through the E-mail address


Organizing committee of TRIZ Summit conference:

Gerasimov Oleg Mikhailovich, TRIZ Master

Yefimov Andrey Wiacheslavovich, TRIZ Master

Petrov Vladimir Mikhailovich, Co-Chairman of TRIZ Summit, TRIZ Master

Rubin Mikhail Semyonovich, Chairman of organization committee, TRIZ Master

Chechurin Leonid Sergeyevich, Doctor of Technical Science