Information Letter No. 1

Information Letter #1, November 10, 2014



Dear Colleagues,


1. The TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 was successfully held in Prague on September 3. The topic of the TRIZ Summit was "Coordination and Integration of TRIZ Tools". Seven reports were delivered. The reports and presentations can be found on website

  • Lebedev Yu.V., Logvinov S.A. Integration of Flow Analysis with Function Analysis;
  • Litvin S.S. TRIZ Tools Selection for Innovative Projects of Different Kinds;
  • Naehler H.T, Gronauer B.. Using Enhanced Nested Function Models for Strategic Product Development;
  • Petrov V.M. Sequence of Application of TRIZ Tools;
  • Zlotin B.L., Zusman A.V. Coordination and Integation of TRIZ Tools;
  • Rubin M.S., Sysoev S.S. Compino-TRIZ: A Software Package For Formulating And Solving Inventive Problems;
  • Rubina N., Ideal Team: Combined Use of TRIZ Tools for Building Successful Work Teams.

We express our gratitude to all the participants, organizers and sponsors of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014.


2. A preliminary peer review and expert assessment of submitted reports was made by TRIZ Summit participants this year. The assessment was performed using specific pre-developed methods. The preliminary results will be sent to the reviewers and TRIZ Summit participants on individual requests.  These materials confirm the efficacy of the proposed methodology and will be passed over to the Coordinating Council of TRIZ Rating project for further analysis.


3. TRIZ Developers Summit 2015 will be held for two days in Saint Petersburg in June 2015. 

The first working day will feature a closed session, at which only the authors of selected reports on the subject "Continuous Education and Training of TRIZ Researchers" will be present.  

The second day will be open, beginning with discussion of materials considered during the first day and followed by reports on the subject: "Development of TRIZ as Science".

For detailed information see our information letters that will follow.


4. TRIZ Summit will expand its project activities this year and in future. The preparation of rating of TRIZ articles will be pursued.  Competitions among high school and university students are planned. Other projects aimed at improving the quality of training of TRIZ specialists and researchers will be launched.


5. A further development of TRIZ Developers Summit infrastructure is planned this year. A number of TRIZ specialists will be invited to become permanent members of the Non-Governmental Organization TRIZ Developers Summit on an individual basis. This move will enable TRIZ Summit participants to influence the decision-making process and take part in TRIZ Summit projects on a permanent basis. To better coordinate our work, we submit for discussion the Basic Provisions of the Non-Governmental Organization TRIZ Developers Summit attached to this letter. 


With best wishes,


Organizers of TRIZ Developers Summit 2015

Michael S.   

Vladimir M.Petrov