Information Letter No. 3. March 31, 2014

Information Letter No. 3. March 31, 2014



Dear colleagues!


1. Fourteen applications dealing with the subject matter “Coordination and Integration of TRIZ tools” have been submitted to TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 organizers. The list of applications can be found at website . Two applications were rejected because of nonconformity of these two papers to the subject matter of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014.


2. The following papers were selected for the collection of papers of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014: 

Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman, Coordination and Integration of TRIZ Tools.

A.V.Kudryavtsev. System for classification of methodological tools.

Yu.V.Lebedev. S.A.Logvinov. Integration of flow analysis with function analysis.

S.S.Litvin. TRIZ Tools Selection for Different Innovation Project Types.

A.Lyubomirskiy. Transition of all TRIZ tools to the single parametric language of information presentation.

Horst Th. Naehler, Barbara Gronauer. Using Enhanced Nested Function Models for Strategic Product Development.

V.Petrov. Algorithm for TRIZ-tool selection.

M.S.Rubin, O.M.Gerasimov. Function-field analysis and other directions for joint application of TRIZ tools. 

M.S.Rubin. S.S.Sysoev. Compino-TRIZ – software-hardware complex for statement and solving of inventive problems.

N.V.Rubina. Combined application of TRIZ tools for creating successful working teams.

N.B.Feygenson. Integration of TRIZ tools on the basis of functional approach.

Naum Feygenson, Hongyul Youn. Toward Causality Analysis for TRIZ Applications.

S.Ikovenko. Selection of TRIZ tools for different patent strategies.


3. All authors of papers indicated above (in item 2) are invited for participation in TRIZ Developers Summit 2014, which will be held in Prague on September 3, 2014. 


4. The papers submitted for publication in the collection of papers of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 should not exceed 20 pages, font 14 (TimesNewRoman) in Microsoft Word, interline spacing 1.15. The format of inserted graphic materials - GIF or JPG. Please, don’t use automated generation of numbers for Tables, Figures, footnotes and list of references. All submitted materials will be presented on the website


5. We recommend authors to include the following subsections in their papers:

– description of theoretical research;

– description of results of experimental (practical) studies;

– analytical surveys of information;

– summary of practical work experience. 

The following issues should be also described in the papers: novelty of author’s suggestions to TRIZ methodology, actuality of problems dealt with, practical testing of proposed tools and methods, their capability and reproducibility.     


6. The papers can be written in Russian or English languages (or in both languages). We plan to publish bilingual collection of papers for TRIZ Developers Summit 2014. Abstracts for papers should be presented in both languages – this is a mandatory requirement of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014.


7. We plan to prepare reviews for the submitted papers. They will be written based on the full text of papers. The program for TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 will be worked out on the basis of submitted papers and reviews of these papers. It is possible that we will classify the papers into keynote reports and thematic papers (like we did for TRIZ Developers Summit 2013).


8. Full text of papers should be submitted no later than June 27, 2014.



With best wishes,


Organizers and facilitators of TRIZ Developers Summit:

Simon S. Litvin   

Vladimir M. Petrov                       

Mikhail S. Rubin