Information Letter No. 1


Information Letter No. 1. December 5, 2013
Re: TRIZ Developers Summit 2014
Dear colleagues!
1. This is to inform you that the next annual TRIZ Developers Summit (TDS) will be held on September 3, 2014 in Prague. As usual, TDS-2014 will be held back-to-back with TRIZFest-2014, which will be held on September 4-6, 2014.  
2. The main topic of TDS-2014 is “Coordination and Integration of TRIZ tools”. This topic was recommended by MATRIZ Council of Research and Development in TRIZ as the one having a high priority for TRIZ community. The importance of TRIZ tools coordination when using several TRIZ tools and the trend of TRIZ tools integration was pointed out in the course of TRIZ Summit 2013. This topic includes the following directions for TRIZ development (the list below is an open one):
·         Methodology Roadmap for execution of innovation projects utilizing various TRIZ tools;
·         Translation of all TRIZ tools into an universal language of information representation;
·         Integration of individual TRIZ tools (both analytical TRIZ tools and solving ones);
·         Selection of most effective TRIZ tools for various types of innovation projects and typical problems.  
3. We are asking TRIZ-community members, who are willing to take part in the work of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014, to send their applications related to “Coordination and Integration of TRIZ tools” before January 31, 2014. The application should be submitted to the e-mail addresses of TDS organizers. It should contain the first and last name of the author(s), title of paper, abstract (not exceeding 25-50 text lines) or draft of paper. Materials can be submitted either in Russian or in English.  
Exact time and procedure for submitting full papers for the TDS-2014 Proceedings will be determined later in next Information Letters.
4. It is planned that intermediate conclusions will be drawn in the course of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 for the research project “Analysis of International TRIZ Conferences”. The project goal is the analysis of published materials of leading international TRIZ conferences starting from 2000. It is planned that materials published by MATRIZ conferences (TRIZfest), ETRIA conferences (TRIZ Future), Altshuller Institute conferences (TRIZCON), TRIZ Developers Summits (TDS) and Moscow conference “Practice of applying methodological tools in business” will be analyzed. It is also planned to include into the list annual conferences held in Japan and South Korea as well as the International Conference on Systematic Innovations (ICSI) and other regular TRIZ conferences.  
The project and its procedures are described in greater detail in a special information letter. 
With best wishes,
Organizers and facilitators of TRIZ Developers Summit:
Alexander V. Kudryavtsev            
Simon S. Litvin   
Vladimir M. Petrov                      
Mikhail S. Rubin