Information Letter No. 2


Information Letter No. 2. February 7, 2014
Extension of deadline for submission of applications for participation in TRIZ Summit 2014
Dear colleagues!
1. At request of our colleagues, the deadline for submission of applications for participation in TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 has been extended up to February 20, 2014. This is the final deadline – the deadline for application submission won’t be extended once more.      
2. We also remind that the main topic for TRIZ Summit 2014 is “Coordination and Integration of TRIZ tools”. Our first Information Letter (see describes this topic in greater detail.
3. By now eleven applications for participation have been submitted to TRIZ Developers Summit 2014. These applications can be found at website
4. Before March 3, 2014, the organizers of TDS will select applications/abstracts that are relevant to the topic of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 and satisfy the criterion of novelty.        
5. The authors of selected applications will be asked to submit abstracts written in the second working language of TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 (English or Russian correspondingly) before March 31, 2014.     
6. Full text of papers/articles should be submitted in June 2014. Specific deadlines and requirements to papers for TRIZ Developers Summit 2014 will be specified in subsequent Information Letters.   
With best wishes,
Organizers and facilitators of TRIZ Developers Summit:
Alexander V. Kudryavtsev            
Simon S. Litvin   
Vladimir M. Petrov                      
Mikhail S. Rubin