Len Kaplan. How to reveal the “secondary” problems.


How to reveal the “secondary” problems
Practitioner’s thoughts
Len Kaplan
The topic “Revealing of secondary problems” is considered in context of the process of solving the “primary” problem. Analysis of problem-solving process shows that each step of this process creates the conditions of occurrence of different “secondary” problems. There are many types of “secondary” problems. Hence, consideration of instruments for revealing and solving of these problems, as well as for prevention of their occurrence, should start with development of clear understanding, what particular types of “secondary” problems we deal with.
This article considers typology of “secondary” problems and causes of occurrence of each type at different stages of process of solving the “primary” problem. Moreover, this article considers the special types of “secondary” problems that should not be addressed by TRIZ specialists. Also, this article suggests the “ideal” method for revealing the “secondary” problem discovered and tested by author.