Information letter No.7


To: specialists on TRIZ, innovations and forecasting
Information letter No.7
On conducting TRIZ-Summit-2010
June 20, 2010.
Dear colleagues!
1. On July 26, 2010 6-th TRIZ DEVELOPERS SUMMIT will take place in Saint-Petersburg. The topic of TRIZ-Summit-2010 is: "TRIZ-based methods of forecasting". The organization committee received 15 scientific papers and 8 reports from leading TRIZ specialists from different countries of the world.
2. For the first time the collection of TRIZ Summit materials will be published in two languages -- Russian and English. As of today, application for participation in TRIZ Summit have been received from USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Israel, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Iran, Berlarus, Ukraine, as well as from many cities of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Tchelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk). The applications received are published at the web-site .
3. The reports presented for TRIZ Summit reflect unique experience of applying TRIZ in forecasting the development of systems in fairly different branches of human activity: from products and technological processes to information systems and scientific ideas. The participation of TRIZ Summit-2010 will have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with new methods in the field of TRIZ-based forecasting and with the authors of these developments, who work in different countries of the world.
4. On July 27, 2010 as part of events of TRIZ Summit 2010 the meeting of Dissertation Council of MA TRIZ will take place, during which the defense of dissertations for obtaining the TRIZ Master diploma will be conducted. Six applications related to different directions of modern TRIZ have been filed. The texts of these applications and the abstracts of works could be found at the following web-site .
5. The events of TRIZ Summit-2010 will take place in historical center of Saint-Petersburg. We shall meet in the Assembly Hall of Saint-Petersburg State University, which was founded by the Emperor Peter the Great in 1724 (   or ).
6. The participation cost for participants from the former Soviet Union constitutes 500 rubles. Students and pensioners from the Russian Federation can visit the events of TRIZ Summit-2010 free of charge. All those wishing to participate are kindly requested to fill in and to send the form of TRIZ Summit Participant questionnaire, which could be found at 
The information concerning the preparation to TDS-2010 is published at the web-site
The colleagues are kindly requested to distribute this letter using your information channels and, if possible, to make this letter public via TRIZ-related web-sites.
Best wishes!
Coordinators of TRIZ Developers Summit:
Alexander Vladimirovich Kudriavtsev            
Semyon Solomonovich Litvin   
Vladimir Mikhailovich Petrov                      
Makhail Semyonovich