Information letter No. 6


Non-governmental Organization "TRIZ Developers Summit"  
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Information letter No. 6
On conducting TRIZ Summit 2010
March 31, 2010.
Dear colleagues!
1. We invite you to take part in the events of TRIZ Developers Summit-2010. This is already the sixth annual TRIZ Summit since 2005. The theme of TRIZ Summit-2010 is as follows: "TRIZ-based methods of forecasting". TRIZ Developers Summit-2010 (TDS-2010) will take place in Saint-Petersburg. The reports of leasing TRIZ specialists from Russia, USA, Latvia, Israel and South Korea have been announced by the present time. The themes of planned reports have already been identified and are published at the following web-site:
2. TDS-2010 is organized by Non-governmental organization "TRIZ Developers Summit". TDS-2010 is currently sponsored by: Intel company, Saint-Petersburg State University, Engineering and Technological Consulting Center Algorithm, International TRIZ Association. The list of sponsors could be augmented. 
3. Events of TRIZ Summit 2010 will take place in Saint-Petersburg State University:
·         26 July – open conference of TRIZ Summit 2010 on the topic "Forecasting Methods Based on TRIZ".
·         27 July – session of ÌÀ TRIZ dissertation council. By the present moment 8 applications have been filed for defense of dissertation works for obtainment of TRIZ Master degree. The applications are published at .
A collection of conference materials will be published in Russian and in English. The participation fee for the representatives of the former USSR republics constitutes 500 rubles. For the sake of compensating the expenditures associated with the translation into English, participation fee for the representatives of other countries constitutes $250.
4. The participants of the conference can submit to the editing committee an application for a poster session and a short report on the topic of TRIZ Summit 2010 " TRIZ-based methods of forecasting". An application with an article attached to it should be submitted prior to May 20, 2010. The volume of an article for a poster session should not exceed five pages, Times New Roman, size: 14. Selection of poster sessions shall be performed by the editing commission consisting of the following persons: A.Kudriavtsev, S.Litvin, V.Petrov, M.Rubin.
5. In order to take part in the conference, it is necessary to fill in a questionnaire. The form of the questionnaire is to be found at
6. All financial settlements are effected through the accounts of LLC Engineering and Technological Consulting Center "Algorithm".
Information on preparation to TDS-2010 is published at the web-site .
The colleagues are kindly requested to disseminate this information letter through your information channels and, if possible, publish them at the web-sites, related to TRIZ .
We wish you all the best!
Kudriavtsev Aleksander Vladimirovich            
Litvin Semyon Solomonovich   
Petrov Vladimir Mikhailovich                      
Rubin Mikhail Semyonovich