Information Letter 2 on TRIZ Summit 2010

Information letter No. 2
of TRIZ Developers Summit
On preparation to TDS-2010

Dear colleagues!

1. The preparation for TRIZ Developers Summit-2010 is in progress. The main topic of TDS-2010 is "TRIZ-based Methods of Forecasting".
The deadline for presenting a short application for participation in TRIZ Summit – December 25, 2009. The application should include the title of the article, a short abstract of it, contact information and first and second names of the authors. A more detailed information on TDS-2010 is to be found in the first information letter dated 09.09.2009, published at the following web-site
2. Discussion concerning the definitions of "engineering system" and "Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution" is going on at the site of TRIZ Summit. As yet the materials are published only in Russian at and . Please, send your proposals and materials.
3. Samsung Electronics announced the opening of a vacant position for TRIZ specialists. For the text of the announcement, please, see , as well as the attached file.
4. The next session of the MATRIZ dissertation council is planned for July, 2010 ãîäà and is to be held in St.-Petersburg. The information on the preparation of this session will be published in the section

Organizers of TRIZ Summit 2010
October 21, 2009