Information Letter 1 on TRIZ Summit 2010

Information Letter No. 1 on TRIZ Summit 2010

September 9, 2009  


Dear colleagues,
1. This is to inform that the main topic of TRIZ Summit 2010 was determined — "TRIZ-Based Methods of Forecasting". The work of TRIZ Summit 2010 will include not only presentation and discussion of papers, but also working out recommendations on methods for TRIZ-based forecasting.

2. TRIZ Summit 2010 will be held as a closed session. It is planned that 12-14 people will participate in the TRIZ Summit 2010 session. Those who are willing to participate must send an application for participation and paper related to the topic of TRIZ Summit 2010. The deadlines for application and paper submission will be indicated later in the subsequent Information Letters.

3. The work on the development of a set of algorithms for inventive problem solving and improvement of systems will be continued (see Summary Letter for TDS-2009). V.M.Petrov was appointed a coordinator on working out the text of ARIZ-2010. M.S.Rubin was appointed a coordinator on development of System Improvement Algorithm (SIA-2010). Coordinator on development of Engineering System Improvement Algorithm (ESIA) has not been appointed yet - your suggestions are welcomed.

4. Certain topics could be discussed in absentia - via E-mail with presentation of discussion in our web site. For instance, discussion on the issue "Definition of engineering system notion" has been opened recently. Materials and opinions related to this discussion are presented in our web site - in the Definition of Engineering System Notion" section. Another discussion currently takes place in the Trends of Engineering System Evolution section.

5. It is planned that TRIZ Summit 2010 session will be held in Saint Petersburg. Tentative dates of TRIZ Summit 2010 are July 24-25, 2010. The meeting of the MA TRIZ Dissertation Council is planned to be held on the same date (either July 24th or July 25th).

6. Over ten topics were suggested as candidates for the main topic of TRIZ Summit 2010:
- Development of Creative Imagination
- Principle of action
- S-curves
- Identification and solving of secondary problems
- Levels of inventions
- Methodology of TRIZ studies
- Identification of objects to be improved and goals of system improvement
· TRIZ software products
· Efficiency of practical application of TRIZ (TRIZ Consulting)
· What prevents TRIZ from becoming a generally recognized science (TRIZ axiomatics, TRIZ glossary, TRIZ structure as a science, elements of art in TRIZ, and so forth).
· Specifics of teaching TRIZ to university graduates (employed in production companies, Research Institutions, Post-Graduate Education Institutions, and so forth).
· Concept of open innovation and TRIZ.
Everyone is welcome to suggest other topics. It is planned that next year we will draft a topical plan for TRIZ Summits for the next 3 to 5 years.

7. The deadline for the submission of brief application for the participation in TRIZ Summit 2010 is December 25, 2009. The application must include: paper title, brief abstract, contact information and author's name (authors' names).

Alexander V.Kudryavtsev     
Simon S.Litvin 
Vladimir M.Petrov     
Mikhail S.Rubin