Summary of TDS-2009


1. The main topic of the TRIZ Summit 2009 was "Development of new generation of ARIZ". The preparation to TRIZ Summit 2009 took several months - from November 2008 till July 2009. A special discussion "Methodological aspects of TRIZ studies" plus several colloquiums on related topics were organized as a part of the said preparation. TRIZ Summit 2009 was held on July 26, 2009 in Saint Petersburg as a part o0f TRIZ Fest 2009. The discussion "Methodological aspects of TRIZ studies" was held on July 25, 2009 (facilitator - Yu.Murashkovskiy).

2. The following papers were presented and discussed during TRIZ Summit:
- Requirements to development of ARIZ of new generation. V. Petrov, M. Rubin
- Structure of ARIZ-2010. V. Petrov
- ARIZ of new generation: multi-aspect cycle for contradiction resolving. M. Rubin
- ARIZ-85C, Part 8, Version 2. Yu. Murashkovskiy
- Alternative approaches to the development of Ariz of new generation (Should at least some creativity remain in TRIZ?). Analysis of effectiveness of technological steps flows. A.Efimov
- Further development of micro-algorithms in ARIZ. How to find a function in ARIZ? S.Litvin
- Upgrading the degree of appearance coordination. A.Lyubomirskiy
- Contradictions Resolving using Phase Transitions through Supercritical State. P.Egoyants, S.Logvinov
- Statistics of "Elementary Functions". Yu.Fedosov

3. ARIZ of new generation should be aimed at users of different degrees of preparedness:
- Novice, beginner – training, solving of training tasks and simple problems
- Experienced user – solving of inventive problems in the field of user's professional activity
- Professional user of algorithm – solving problems from various fields of knowledge.

4. After the discussion it was proposed to create a set consisting of three algorithms (instead of creating a single algorithm of new generation):
- ARIZ-2010 – eliminates the disadvantages of ARIZ-85-C
- Algorithm for engineering systems improvement (AESI) – includes selection of object and goals of improvement
- Algorithm for systems improvement (ASI) – it is aimed at the use of all systems (i.e. not only engineering systems).

5. Participants of TRIZ Summit 2009 offered their proposals regarding further work for the creation of a set of algorithms of new generation:

To ensure that ARIZ structure is flexible and re-adjustable (adaptive) – in terms of problem type, user type, and so forth.

All work on the creation of the entire set of Algorithms-2010 (namely, ARIZ, AESI, and ASI) should be conducted concurrently.
The structure of algorithm presented at the TDS-2009 should be taken as a basis for the set of Algorithms-2010.

Part 8 of ARIZ "Application of solution" should be used as formulated during TDS-2009

Types of information at the input and output of ARIZ modules should be clearly and explicitly defined
The structure of ARIZ should be made flexible and re-adjustable

Micro-algorithms developed for ARIZ-91 should be included in ARIZ-2010
The step of FOS application should be added after each step 3.1 - 3.4 (IFR and PC1, PC2)

To move step 5.3 (Resolving of PC) close to step 3.3 (Formulating a PC)
To add micro-algorithm of PC formulating to step 3.3
To add micro-algorithm of PC resolving to step 5.3

A list of standard generalized functions should be included in AESI (into the module of function analysis)
To associate standard functions with cause-effect chains.

6. Nine topics were offered as candidates for the main topic of TRIZ Summit 2010:
- Forecasting (proposal to be prepared by M.Rubin)
- TESE (proposal to be prepared by V.Petrov)
- Development of creative thinking (proposal to be prepared by S.Litvin)
- Principle of action (proposal to be prepared by A.Lyubomirskiy)
- S-curves (proposal to be prepared by A.Lyubomirskiy)
- Identification and solving of secondary problems (proposal to be prepared by S.Litvin)
- Levels of inventions (proposal to be prepared by Yu.Murashkovskiy)
- Methodology of TRIZ studies (proposal to be prepared by Yu.Murashkovskiy)
- Identification of objects to be improved and goals of system improvement (proposal to be prepared by S.Litvin).

All proposals and substantiations should be prepared before September 1, 2009.
The main topic for the next TRIZ Summit must be selected on September 9, 2009.

7. According to the opinion of participants, the fifth TRIZ Developers Summit was successful. For the first time it was held as a closed session with limited number (less than 10) of presented papers. A decision was made that TRIZ Summit 2010 will be also held as a closed session. However, any TRIZ expert has an opportunity to participate in TRIZ Summit 2010. The only thing that is needed is to declare in due time the topic of study and send an article to the organizational Committee of TRIZ Summit 2010.

Information on deadlines for the submission of materials and on preparation to TRIZ Summit 2010 will be presented in our web site and in information letters.

August 6, 2009

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