TRIZ-Fest 2009 Program and Schedule

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The International TRIZ Association


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Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University,
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TRIZ-Fest 2009 Program and Schedule
Saint Petersburg
July, 27-29 2009

   Tentative Time Schedule for TRIZ-Fest 2009
All TRIZ-FEST events will take place in lecture rooms of the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Polytekhnicheskaya Str., Metro Station "Polytekhnicheskaya"***)

July 25, 2009 (Saturday)
July 26, 2009 (Sunday)
July 27, 2009 (Monday)
July 28, 2009 (Tuesday)
July 29, 2009 (Wednesday)
9-30 - 10-00
Registration of participants
Registration of participants
9-30 - 10-00
10-00 - 13-30
Discussion "Methodo-logical Aspects of TRIZ Studies". Yu.Murash-kovskiy.
Lecture Room 9. Main Building of SPSPU (basement floor)
Seminar "Introduction to Innovation Design Methodology "G3-ID", O.Gerasimov
Lecture Room 9. Main Building of SPSPU
ClosedsessionofTRIZSummit 2009 Participants. Discussion on "Development of new generation of ARIZ".
Lecture Room 10. Main Building of SPSPU
TRIZ-FEST 2009 Conference.
Lecture Room 324 (Large Physics Lecture Room). Main Building of SPSPU
TRIZ-FEST 2009 Conference
Lecture Room 324 (Large Physics Lecture Room).
Open session of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council.
Lecture Room 118. Main Building of SPSPU
10-00 - 13-30
13-30 - 14-30
Lunch.Extended Session of the Organizing Committee. Academic Council Hall of SPSPU
Lunch.Registration of official representatives for the Convention.
13-30 - 14-30
14-30 - 17-00
Continuation of discussion
Continuation of TRIZ Summit session
TRIZ-FEST 2009 Conference.
TRIZ-FEST 2009 Conference.
MA TRIZ Congress.
Lecture Room 118. Main Building of SPSPU
14-30 - 18-00
18-15 - 20-00
Round Table "TRIZ in Universities". L.Chechurin Lecture Room 10. Main Building
Reception standing**.

On request.
18-15 - 20-00

* Lunch will be offered at the dining-hall of Polytechnical University
** Reception standing will be held oat the House of Scientists of Polytechnical University
*** How to get there - see Web sites    
For more detailed information, see Web sites:   - Official Web site of MA TRIZ
Tentative Program of TRIZ-Fest 2009 Conference
Time limit for presentation.
Paper - 20 minutes (inclusive of answers to questions)
Joint paper - 30 minutes (two papers inclusive of answers to questions)
Brief report - 10 minutes
Facilitators of individual sessions of the conference have the right to change time limits for presentations and order paper presentation.
Opening of the Conference.
Barkan, Mark G. Opening remarks. President's report.
Welcome address from organizers and sponsors.
1st. Session. Practical Application of TRIZ in Innovation Design.
Facilitators - Martha Gardner, S.Litvin. July 27, 2009. From 10-15 till 15-30. Lecture Room 324.
Martha M. Gardner, Ph.D., Global Quality Leader, Principal Scientist of the GE Global Research Center. Martha M. Gardner is the Quality Leader for GE.
Simon Litvin, TRIZ Master, Ph.D. (Engineering), Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer at GEN3Partners in Boston. Simon Litvin is one of the world's foremost experts on TRIZ, Value Engineering, and Open Innovation.
  1. Gardner, Martha, Ph.D., Implementation of TRIZ Methodology at GE Global Research. Key-note address.
  2. Litvin S. Practical Application of TRIZ: from Idea to Actual Product.
  3. Odintsov I.O., Rubin M.S. Enhancing the software product development efficiency based on TRIZ methods.  
  4. Sigalovsky I.S. Trend of Information Coordination Enhancement: New subtrend and its mechanism.
  5. Kynin À.T., Leniashin V.A., Feygenson N.B. Selection of parameters for the description of engineering system evolution along the "life line".         
  6. Petrov V.M. Methods for harmful effects elimination.
  7. Efimov A.V. Analysis of efficiency of technological steps flows. 
  8. Feygenson N.B., Kynin A.T. Two aspects of Engineering System evolution.
  9. Lyubomirskiy À. Upgrading the Degree of Appearance Coordination.
  10. Mikhailov V.A., Kuznetsova T.V., Grishanov D.A. Chemical effects for engineers & one more effect.  
  11. J.C.W.L. Gruter, A. Boerendans. TRIZ-based Management Strategy in mainstream organizations
  12. Roggel Amir, TRIZ and Intel
  13. Ikovenko S. TRIZ Tools Application for Patent Strategies.
Summarizing the result of the 1st Session.

2nd Session. Evolution of TRIZ as a science. Facilitators: Lyubomirskiy À., Rubin M.
Alexander Lyubomirskiy, Ph.D. (Engineering), TRIZ Master, member of the Altshuller Institute. A.Lyubomirskiy is a leading project facilitator in innovation technology at GEN3Partners in Boston. Mr.Lyubomirskiy is the holder of 15 patents.    
Rubin Mikhail Semenovich. TRIZ Master, disciple and co-author of G.S.Altshuller, Academic Secretary of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council, Deputy Director of CITD "Algorithm".
July 27 and 28, 2009. From 15-30 on July 27 till 12-30 on July 28. Lecture Room 324.
  1. Petrov V.M., Rubin M.S. Requirements to Development of ARIZ of New Generation.
  2. Murashkovskiy Yu.S. ARIZ 85 C, Part 8, Version 2.  
  3. Efimov A.V.   Alternative approaches to the development of new generation of ARIZ. Should at least some creativity remain in TRIZ?
  4. Efimov A.V. Suggestions on the development of unified system of TESE - Standards - Principles.  
  5. D. Daniel Sheu, Hei-Kuang Lee. A Proposed Process for Systematic Innovation.
  6. Fedosov Yu.I. Statistics of "Elementary Functions".
  7. Petrov V.M. Ideality formulas.
  8. Egoyants P.A., Logvinov S.A. Contradictions Resolving using Phase Transitions through Supercritical State. 
  9. Rubin M.S. ARIZ of New Generation: Multi-Aspect Cycle for Resolving Contradictions.
  10. Rubin M.S. Universal system of standards for inventive problem solving.  
  11. Kashkarov A.G. Relevant models of engineering systems. Modeling algorithm and analysis.
  12. Bushuev A.B., Gulyaev A.N., Chepinskiy S.A. Genetic Search for Properties of Substance and Field Resources.  
  13. Viik R. Fractal ARIZ.
  14. Berdonosov V.D. Specific features of application of the Trend of System Parts Completeness.
  15. Pernitskiy S.I. Properties, interrelations, interactions, relations and conditions as sources of new functions of an object.
Summarizing the result of the 2nd Session.

3rd Session. TRIZ Training.
Facilitators - S.Ikovenko, V.Petrov. 
Sergei Ikovenko,Dr.-Eng., Ph.D., P.E., professor, TRIZ Master. Dr. Ikovenko is a Director of Innovation Leadership at a consulting firm GEN3Partners in Boston and MA TRIZ Vice-President. He has conducted more than 600 courses on innovation and TRIZ (Theory for Inventive Problem Solving) topics for the Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 
Vladimir Petrov, TRIZ Master, Co-founder of TRIZ Developers Summit, President of Israeli TRIZ Association. V.Petrov has been practicing TRIZ since 1972. Mr. Petrov conducted several joint seminars with the founder of TRIZ, G.S. Altshuller. Mr. Petrov has authored over 250 publications.   
July 28, 2009. From 12-30 till 17-00.
  1. Gafitulin M.S., Ivanov I.G., Keum-Young Chang, Yong-Won Song, Seoung-Hyun Kang. Pilot TRIZ-Project in the Republic of Korea: Experience and perspectives for TRIZ-consulting of small and medium businesses in Korea. 
  2. Rubina N.V. Talent Scale. Diagnostics of Creative Thinking Development. 
  3. Zhuzha M.A. Technologies of Olympiad Physics.
  4. Pogrebnaya T.V., Kozlov A.V., Sidorkina O.V. "Our new school" and TRIZ pedagogics.
  5. Stepanchikova M.A. Improving the forms of pedagogical testing.   
  6. Rezchikova E.V. TRIZ and Universities: do they need one another?
  7. Andreev E.D., Galietov V.P., Mikhailov V.A., Nikitin A.I. TRIZ Training and certain problems.      
  8. Pugorov G.S., Maliy V.V., Antonenko S.V., Pashkovskaya L.N. Anticrisis TRIZ-based Education. 
  9. Plaksin M.A. What TRIZ Elements does it Make Sense to include in the Propaedeutic Integrated Course of Informatics, System Analysis and TRIZ?  
  10. Kislov A.V., Pchyolkina E.L. Tasks and Lines of Development of TRIZ Competitions.
Summarizing the result of the 3rd Session.
Summarizing the result of the TRIZ-Fest 2009 Conference.
July 28, from 17-00 till 18-00.

Open Session of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council
Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Lecture Room 118
July 29, 2009. From 10-00 till 13-30
List of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council Members
1. Gafitulin Marat Semyonovich
2. Gin Anatoly Aleksandrovich
3. Gubanov Sergey Nikolaevich
4. Kislov Alexander Vasilievich
5. Kudryavtsev Alexander Vladimirovich
6. Litvin Semyon Solomonovich (Chairman)
7. Lyubomirskiy Alexander
8. Murashkovskiy Yuliy Samoilovich
9. Petrov Vladimir Mikhailovich
10. Rubin Mikhail Semyonovich (Academic Secretary)
11. Shpakovskiy Nikolai Andreyevich
12. Ikovenko Sergei
Schedule and time limits for Council session:
- Description of thesis by scientific consultant
- Presentation of thesis author (30 minutes) 
- Speeches of opponents
- Questions to thesis author and his/her answers
- Concluding speech of the Chairman and voting
Council session program.
Approval of schedule and time limits.
Kashkarov Alexander Germanovich. "Substance and Energy Transformations in Engineering Systems. Methodology for model construction and analysis". Research supervisor and scientific consultant - Yu.I.Fedosov, opponent - V.M.Petrov.  
Devoino Igor Georievich. "Deployment of Engineering Systems". Research supervisor and scientific consultant - S.S.Litvin, opponent - A.L.Lyubomirskiy.  
Danilovskiy Yury Eduardovich. "Models of Spiral Evolution of Engineering in Forecasting Projects". Scientific consultant - A.V. Kudryavtsev, opponent - M.S.Gafitulin.  

TheVI Congress of the International TRIZ Association
Lecture Room 118 in the main building of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University.
July 29, 2009, from 14-30 till 18-30.
Opening of the Congress
Election of the Congress Chairman
Election of the Congress Secretariat

Election of returning board
5 minutes
Confirmation of Editorial Board
5 Minutes
Development of the Candidates List for MA TRIZ Presidium
10 minutes
Presidium Members’ Reports
90 minutes
President’s Report for 2007-2009
15 minutes
Report by Auditing Committee
15 minutes
 Adoption of President’s and Auditing Committee’s Reports
10 minutes
Election of new Auditing Committee
10 minutes
Election of new MA TRIZ Presidium
10 minutes
Meeting of the new Presidium
20 minutes
Election of new MA TRIZ President
10 minutes
Discussion on MA TRIZ activities for 2009-2011
30 minutes


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