Information Letters 4



On preparation for TRIZ-Fest 2009
Information Letter 4
July 15, 2009.
Information Letter No. Fest-4/2009
This information is important for those who are interested in TRIZ and innovations. We kindly ask you to read it attentively and to the end.
1. TRIZ-Fest 2009 is one of the most important events in the international movement for using the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) in inventive and innovation activities. The following events of the International Scientific Conference TRIZ-Fest 2009 will take place in Saint Petersburg from July 25 till July 29, 2009:
25.07.2009 – Discussion "Methodological aspects of research in TRIZ". Yu.Murashkovsky.
26.07.2009Seminar "Introduction to Innovation Design Methodology "G3-ID", O.Gerasimov.
Closed session of TRIZ developers Summit (TRIZ-Summit 2009).
27.07.2009 - MA TRIZ conference.
        Round table "TRIZ in Universities" (L.Chechurin)
28.07.2009 - MA TRIZ conference. Receptionstanding.
29.07.2009 - Session of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council (before lunch), MA TRIZ Congress (after lunch).
For taking part in these events you'll have to fill in the application form, which can be found at (in Russian) and at (in English). The deadline for submitting the applications has been prolonged till July17, 2009.
2. The initiator and the main organizer of TRIZ-Fest 2009 is MATRIZ supported by the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Innovation-Technological Society of Saint Petersburg and "Algorithm" Ltd. Sponsor of TRIZ-Fest 2009 is the Fund of New Technologies "Fly-Lab".
3. The Program of TRIZ-Fest 2009 in Russian can be found at , and in English at If you have found errors in this program, please, notify the Organizing Committee about that. Corrections are regularly introduced into the program.
4. Specialists from 14 countries of the world have applied for participation in TRIZ-Fest 2009 by now. Alongside Russia, specialists from South Korea (9 persons), USA (6 persons), Belarus, Israel, Latvia, the Netherlands, as well as Germany, China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Japan will take part in the conference.
The representatives of General Electric, Samsung, Intel and other companies will participate in the conference.
The information on TRIZ-Fest 2009 is to be found at web-site and .
5. Participation fee in a scientific conference to be held on July 27-28, 2009 constitutes 700 rubles. Participation fee in a training seminar to be held on July 26, 2009 is 500 rubles. Participation fee in the reception standing is 400 rubles.
Foreign English-speaking participants of TRIZ-Fest 2009 can take part in all events including reception standing. The only exception is the discussion on July 25, 2009, which was initially planned only in Russian. To provide for synchronous translation, the fee of the foreign representatives, according to the decision of Organizing Committee is $450. 
The payment for the participation could be made directly during registration of TRIZ-Fest 2009 participants.
6. The following persons will take part in the closed session of TRIZ-Summit 2009: V.Petrov, M.Rubin, S.Litvin, V.Kudryavtsev (possibly), A.Liubomirsky, J. Murashkovsky, Yu.Fedosov, S.Logvinov, and A.Yefimov. The topic of TRIZ-Summit 2009 – development of new generation of ARIS. The materials are published at It is planned to report on the results of these discussions at the conference of TRIZ-Fest 2009.
7. Round table "TRIZ in Universities" will be organized as one of the events of TRIZ-Fest 2009 to the initiative of faculty of innovation of Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University in the evening of July 27. Round table will be conducted by L.Chechurin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Chair of Innovation of Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University. All those wishing to take part in the round table are kindly requested to send their applications to Organizing Committee of TRIZ-Fest 2009. Applications should be sent to
8. Attention of representatives of TRIZ organizations. You are kindly requested to read the address of MA TRIZ President, which is to be found at (in Russian) and at (in English).
9. The events of TRIZ-Fest 2009 will take place in the main building of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Polytechnicheskaya Street 29, Metro station "Polytechnicheskaya"). The city plan, which will help you to get there, is to be found at: and .
Organizing committee