Information Letters 2


On preparation for TRIZfest 2009
Information letter-2 
May 14, 2009.
Information letter No. Fest-2/2009
Dear colleagues!
1. During the recent years the increasing number of well-known companies in different countries of the world apply tools of the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) in the practice of innovative and technological design.
The International TRIZ Association holds an International conference TRIZfest-2009 in Saint Petersburg from July 27 till July 29, 2009. In addition to scientific-and-practical conference, the defense of papers for the obtainment of TRIZ Master title, a regular MA TRIZ Congress and other events will be held within the frames of TRIZfest-2009.
All current information on preparation for TRIZ-fest-2009 can be found in in Russian and in English. Also, the same info could be found in and .
2. MATRIZ supported by Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University, Innotech Society of Saint Petersburg and "Algorithm" LLC is the initiator and main organizer of TRIZ-fest-2009.
3. As of today, the Organizing Committee has received applications from 40 TRIZ specialists from Russia, USA, South Korea, China, Estonia, Latvia, and Israel ( ). Applications for participation were received from the representatives of such companies as General Electric, Samsung Corning Precision Glass Co., Intel and other companies. It is expected that 70-100 TRIZ specialists will take part in the events within TRIZfest-2009.
4. At present, over 20 papers intended for publication in the conference proceedings have been received. For the purpose of preliminary discussion these papers are placed in in Russian and in English. The editorial board hopes to receive more papers for the publication. It is expected that 30-35 articles on different topics will be received: namely, on practical application of TRIZ in innovation design, on theoretical development of TRIZ, and on development of TRIZ training system. The paper submission deadline is extended till May 20, 2009.
All papers submitted for the conference will be broken down into three thematic sections:
- TRIZ theory and practice
- Development of TRIZ as a science
- TRIZ training
5. Preparation for the development of a new generation of ARIZ takes place under TRIZ-Summit-2009 – one of the events of TRIZfest-2009 will be devoted to it. These materials are placed in and Also Yu.Murashkovsky organizes a discussion on "Methodological aspects of TRIZ research" ( It is planned to present the results of these discussions at the TRIZfest-2009 conference.
6. The planned schedule of activities is as follows:
25-26.07.2009 - Arrival of participants of MA TRIZ Conference. Educational seminar.
27.07.2009 - Scientific-and-practical MA TRIZ Conference
28.07.2009 - Scientific-and-practical MA TRIZ Conference. Buffet lunch.
29.07.2009 - Session of the MA TRIZ Dissertation Council, Congress of MA TRIZ. 
Preliminary calendar of TRIZfest-2009 can be found in
Russian-English and English-Russian interpretation will be organized for all main events of TRIZfest-2009.
The information on hotels in Saint Petersburg can be found in and .
7. Four TRIZ specialists have filed application for the defense of TRIZ Master theses. The deadline for the submission of materials from applicants is May 31, 2009. Information about applications received can be found in
8. The deadline for the submission of papers and applications for the participation in TRIZfest-2009 events is May 20, 2009.
An application form could be filled in in Russian or in English.
The Organizing Committee can not guarantee publication of papers/articles of authors, who fail to submit their applications, in the Proceedings of the Conference.
The colleagues are kindly requested to place this letter on TRIZ web sites and to send it to the addresses of TRIZ specialists.
Organizing Committee