Information Letter No. Fest-1/2009

February 8, 2009.
Information Letter No. Fest-1/2009
1. International Conference TRIZ-Fest 2009 will be held by the International TRIZ Association (MA TRIZ) from July 27 till July 29, 2009 in Saint Petersburg. TRIZ-Fest 2009 will include a scientific-and-practical conference plus defense of theses prepared by the applicants for title of TRIZ Master, regular convention of MA TRIZ and other events.
MA TRIZ conducts TRIZ-Fest regularly - once in two years. List of members of TRIZ-Fest 2009 Organizational Committee is presented in Order of MA TRIZ dated December 10, 2008.
TRIZ Developers Summit, training seminars in TRIZ and other events planned for July 25-26, 2009 will be held within the frames of TRIZ-Fest 2009.
The official information on TRIZ-Fest-2009 can be found at and at  MA TRIZ web site.
The official E-mail address of the conference is -
2. MA TRIZ was created by the founder of TRIZ G.S.Altshuller. European TRIZ Association (ETRIA), TRIZ Associations of Russia, France, Italy, Korea, Israel, Germany, Austria, China, Taiwan, Latin America, Australia and many other countries, as well as TRIZ Associations of Intel, Samsung, Hyundai Motors, LG, Siemens, P&G and other world corporations are members of MA TRIZ. MA TRIZ conferences always attract a large number of TRIZ experts in different areas.  
In 2009 TRIZ-Fest will be held in the most beautiful city, capital city of the Russian Empire constructed by Emperor Peter the Great, which is often called "Northern Venice" because of numerous channels, draw bridges and beautiful palaces. The northern capital is often called the City of White Nights – in the summertime the Sun practically does not set down below the skyline.
The events of TRIZ-Fest 2009 will be held in auditoriums of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, which will be celebrating its 110-year anniversary in 2009. Among the founders of this university were S.Yu.Witte (famous reformer of Russian economy), outstanding chemist D.I.Mendeleyev, and Nobel prize winners P.L.Kapitsa, N.N.Semenov, academicians A.F.Ioffe, I.V.Kurchatov, and other famous scientists.      
3. TRIZ Developers Summits will be held within the frames of TRIZ-Fest 2009. In 2009 TRIZ Summit will be devoted to "Development of New Generation of ARIZ". Besides, another important subject matter will be discussed at TRIZ Developers Summits – "Methodological aspects of TRIZ research". Materials and activities on the preparation for TRIZ Summit 2009 are presented at the web site. Results of discussion will be presented at the TRIZ-Fest 2009 Conference.    
Information on training seminars and programs of these seminars can be found at the web site.
4. Editing Committee was created to organize the preparation of materials for the TRIZ-Fest 2009 conference. The list of its members is given at the web site. Requirements to preparation of materials and deadlines of submitting these materials are given at the Address of Editing Committee to the authors.
 5. Tentative schedule of events and deadlines:
·       before May 1 – submission of materials for publication
·       before May 15 – submission of applications for taking part in the conference and in other events of TRIZ-Fest 2009 
·       25.07.2009 – Discussion of methodology for conducting research work. Training seminars (based on submitted applications)
·       26.07.2009 – Closed session for participants of TRIZ Summit 2009. Day of arrival for the participants of MA TRIZ Conference. Training sessions (based on submitted applications)
·       27-28.07.2009 – MA TRIZ scientific and practical conference. Drink reception.
·       29.07.2009 – session of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council. MA TRIZ convention.
6. Applications and cost of participation.
To take part in the events of TRIZ-Fest 2009 an applicant must fill the application and send it to the Organizational Committee. The cost of participation in the events is indicated in the application form. The applications should be sent no later than May 15, 2009.     
Organizers of TRIZ-Fest 2009 invite potential sponsors for cooperation. The information concerning sponsors will be published in all information materials of the conference and at the web-sites. The representative of the sponsor is granted the right to take part in all events of TRIZ-Fest 2009. Sponsor's minimal contribution is $1000.

Bank name
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SunTrust Bank
PO Box 1315
Matthews, NC 28105 USA
ABA number
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The International TRIZ Association
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Purpose of payment: voluntary contribution for the conference
The information on received applications is published at the web-site in the section "Applications".
Members of TRIZ community are kindly requested to inform TRIZ colleagues about the content of this letter and, if possible, to post it at web sites devoted to TRIZ.
Please, address all your questions to the Organizational Committee using the E-mail address
Organizational Committee for TRIZ-Fest 2009