Approved by the committee for contests for schoolchildren und students under TRIZ developers Summit


December 30, 2014



concerning the organization of the international contest

under TRIZ Summit 2014


1. General provisions. International contest of TRIZ Developers Summit is organized annually. Schoolchildren and students, studying TRIZ, as well as teachers engaged in TRIZ training can take part in the contest.

The goal of the contest is: increase of educational level and level of TRIZ specialist’s preparation

Goals of the contest:

- dissemination of fundamental TRIZ knowledge and engaging schoolchildren and students in research activity in this field;

-  popularization of TRIZ as a meta-subject field of knowledge;

- formation of common environment for exchange of information between TRIZ specialists;

- preparation of methodological and training manuals and programs for TRIZ training.


2. Form of participation. Both individual participants and the teams can take part in the contest. In order to take part in the contest, it is necessary to fill in a specially developed questionnaire (and the registration number is conferred to the participant).

3. Order of conducting the contest:

In order to carry out the contest, аn organizing committee is created, which is approved by the management of the TRIZ Developers summit.

 Contest is conducted according to the following nominations:


- Inventive activity;

- Imagining;

- Knowledge of TRIZ tools;

- Knowledge of TRIZ history;

- Research in TRIZ.


Results of the contest will be summed up according to age categories:


- forms 1-4;

- forms 5-8;

- forms 9-11;

- Students;

- Teachers.




Contest tasks can be done and sent for evaluation as soon as they are finished. At the end of the school year (before May, 15) the results of the contest are summed up.  The tasks of the contest are of research nature, they imply conducting the work according to a certain plan (to read the book, to find information, to visit the museum, exhibition or an enterprise, to put together a collection of cards with the data, take an interview, etc.). Additional tasks might be added in the course of conducting the contest and some tasks might appear based on the sent projects.

Works are accepted for the contest only in electronic form. The languages of the contest are Russian and English. Experts with the knowledge of required languages will be invited for the evaluation of works in other languages.

Regional representatives can be allocated for the organization of the contest, who take part in the organization of the contest and summing up of its results.


4. Evaluation of contest works:

Both formal evaluation in points and the expert evaluation are used for the evaluation of contest works. The tasks of the contest are subdivided into two types: questions of the quiz (including solving inventive problems of Level 1-2, which have a standardized reference answer) and project-related works, which require expert evaluation. Criteria for evaluation of project-related works are developed by a group of specialists for each of the nominations.

Based on the results of the contest, all participants get certificates of participation, while the winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes with the logo of TRIZ Summit, teachers and organizers of the contest get letters of credit.

The works of the contest participants are published in the web-site of TRIZ Summit. The summing up implies the publication of intermediate and final ratings.


5. Financing.

Financing of the contest is done on the account of sponsors and the budget of TRIZ Summit. The most active participants and the organizer out of the teachers taking part in the contest may be invited to the annual conference of TRIZ Summit.