Information Letter No. 1

International contest for schoolchildren and students under TRIZ Developers Summit


December 30, 2014


Information Letter No. 1

International Non-governmental organization “TRIZ developers’ Summit” announces the contest on Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” (TRIZ) for schoolchildren and students. Schoolchildren and students, who study TRIZ, as well as TRIZ teachers, can take part in the contest.  

The contest implies such nominations as “Inventive activity”, “Imagining”, “TRIZ history”, “TRIZ Tools”; “Research projects”.

The results of the contest will be summed up according to the following age categories: 8-10 years; 11-14 years; 15-17 years; students, teachers.

Winners of international contest will get Diplomas and memorial prizes of the contest.

The period of the contest shall run since the moment of sending out the present information letter and will continue till April 15, 2015. Provisions concerning the contest and the contest tasks are attached to the present letter. The languages of the contest are Russian and English. The contest can be conducted in national languages, however, in this case there should be a representative of the organizing committee of the contest, who can use this language and who has the right of evaluating the submitted works. All materials are accepted in electronic form. The address for letters and for sending contest works is:

In order to organize the contest, the organization committee allocates its regional representatives, who organize the sending of contest tasks, reception of these tasks and sending answers to the organizing committee of the contest. We ask to send applications for the right to be the representative of the contest before January 30, 2015. The regional representatives have the right for receiving methodological recommendations and getting additional consultations concerning the organization of the regional stage of the contest. There could be several representatives of the contest in one region.

The results of the contest will be summed up before May 15, 2015. The winners and the most active participants of the contest will be invited to the conference of the TRIZ developer’s Summit, which will take place in June in Saint-Petersburg.


Organizing committee of the contest: N.V.Rubina, M.N.Shusterman, K.S.Chechurin.