Information letter #3

Information Letter #3. June 03, 2014


 Preparation to the session of MATRIZ Dissertation Council 2014


Dear colleagues!

The main objective of the 3rd information letter is to coordinate precertification activates of candidates for TRIZ Master Certification in 2014.

            1. According to the actual Certification Regulations for TRIZ Level 5 (available at ): “Each applicant for the thesis defense should pass through a pre-defense procedure that involves only the applicant and the pre-defense committee members. The pre-defense may be in person event or via electronic means (Skype, WebEx, etc.). DC selects 2-3 prominent TRIZ experts that have experience in the particular area of thesis’ topic. This committee performs a pre-defense and submits their recommendations to DC in a written form. Based on the recommendations DC decides whether to allow or not the defense.”

For those candidates who applied through thesis defense, the pre-defense committees will be composed till the end of June and date of pre-defense will be selected with each candidate individually.

2. According to the actual Certification Regulations for TRIZ Level 5, the candidates applied on merit (based on a set of scientific publications or for outstanding achievements in the field of practical application of TRIZ in the inventive or innovative activity) have to submit the complete application file to DC no later than a month prior to its nest session. The list of required documents is available at:

Since there are eight candidates this year, the request of DC is to submit all documents in time. Moreover, DC cordially asks applicants to send their materials as early as possible to have enough time for thorough reviewing and allocate some time for the applicants to tune/adjust their materials basing on the reviewers till the end of June.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


Best regards,

Simon Litvin, PhD, TRIZ Master, Chairman of MATRIZ Dissertation Council

Oleg Feygenson, PhD, TRIZ Master, Academic Secretary of MATRIZ Dissertation Council