Information Letter - April 10, 2013


Information Letter - April 10, 2013
 Preparation to the Session of MATRIZ Dissertation Council
Dear colleagues!
1. A session of MATRIZ Dissertation Council and defense of theses for the TRIZ Master Degree is scheduled for August 3, 2013 as one of the events of TRIZfest 2013. Information about TRIZfest 2013 is presented in website
2. Candidates for defense in 2013 must send a preliminary application to MATRIZ before May 6, 2013 (the application should be addressed to MATRIZ President and Chairman of MATRIZ Dissertation Council; a copy to Academic Secretary of MATRIZ Dissertation Council). Preliminary application should be submitted in Russian or in English. It should include a letter addressed to MATRIZ President and Chairman of MATRIZ Dissertation Council with a request to examine the application, contact information, candidate's full name, Level 4 TRIZ Expert Certificate number, title of the thesis, full name of research supervisor (TRIZ Master), short abstract (not exceeding 1000 characters) and candidate's photograph.                                                   
3. June 25, 2013 – is a deadline for submission of all materials related to candidate's thesis for TRIZ Master Degree in compliance with TRIZ Level 5 (TRIZ Master) Certification Regulations (see websites ).
4. Preliminary defense at the regional level should be completed no later than July 10, 2013. Five to nine TRIZ experts (no lower than Level 4 TRIZ experts) should be the members of Regional Board on preliminary defense. A chairman of the Regional Board on preliminary defense should have TRIZ Master Degree. Regulations for preliminary defense are the same as those for thesis defense at the sessions of MATRIZ Dissertation Council. The main goal of preliminary defense is to enhance the quality of theses, give recommendations regarding improvement of theses and presentation. The protocol of thesis examination in the course of preliminary defense should be sent to MATRIZ no later than July 12, 2013. A negative conclusion of the Regional Board does not represent an obstacle for application examination by MATRIZ Dissertation Council. 
5. MATRIZ administration reminds that only those theses will be examined at the sessions of MATRIZ Dissertation Council, the authors of which have paid required fee specified in the MATRIZ Regulations for thesis defense. 
6. The submitted applications for thesis defense are presented at websites and .
Best regards,
Chairman of MATRIZ Dissertation Council                            S.Litvin
Academic Secretary of MATRIZ Dissertation Council            M.Rubin