Яковенко С., Выбор инструментов ТРИЗ для различных патентных стратегий


Selecting TRIZ Tools for Various Patent Strategies

Sergei Ikovenko, Dr-Eng, PhD, TRIZ Master

GEN3 Partners / Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA


Many companies recognize that a well-crafted patent portfolio may be used for a variety of objectives, such as bolstering market position, protecting research and development efforts, generating revenue, and encouraging favorable cross-licensing or settlement agreements.

There is a variety of patent strategies that are deployed for development of such a multi-faceted patent portfolio. TRIZ with its analytical and problem solving tools can be effectively used for development  and enhancement of those patent strategies.

The article elaborates on the roadmaps of using TRIZ and other innovation tools (semantic, etc.) for different patent strategies such as:

  • group of Picket Fence  strategies
  • Toll Gate Strategy
  • Counter-Attack Strategy
  • Submarine Strategy
  • others