Review of research supervisor V.A.Lenyashin
for dissertation work of  Dr.M.J.Song
The subject of research is really topical because it connected with importance questions of prediction for future technology. Great efforts were applied for development of methodology for new products creation but the direction of methodology for technology prediction is not developed so well at now. The author of dissertation thesis motivated the necessity of special methodology development for supporting of works in that direction. The methodology could be used by persons with different level of knowledge as in field of TRIZ so in general scientific area. It is necessary to remark that the present research refers to the field where the methodologies of low instrumental level - sometimes it is simple declarative or command methods - are dominated. The author suggested the methodologies which allow to provide estimation of existing level of technology more reliable. Moreover, that estimation is used as the base for creation of strategy for future technology development and finding the ways to resolving the technical problems which arise on the way of practical realization of new technology.
The goal of dissertation work is increasing of technological prediction efficiency with using the simple and well-known methodologies but considering with original authorial position. To reach the goal the set of problems were formulated which include construction of Technology Evolution Opportunity Map (TEOM) and methodological tools for defining the vectors of possible direction of technological development. Themethodsforrealizationofsuggestedmethodologiesarealsointroduced.
The author used the next scientific-methods:
  • Logical methods including analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction and analogy;
  • Analysis of scientific and empirical materials connected with systems evolution and technology of their production. The analysis included revision of strong and weak points and contradictive features of existing methods. Moreover, the author included in consideration not only the  methods based on TRIZ but also the methods without TRIZ implementation;
·         General theoretical methods including hypothetic method, formalization, abstracting, generalization, transaction from abstract to specific and method of system analysis;
·         Empirical method which include observation, description, comparison, experiment and simulation.
It is important to notice that author always estimates the boundaries for correct implementation of each method and the ways for their future development
As the main results of provided work it was developed the next:
·         The methodology of TEOM construction  on the base of existing information database;
·         4 steps algorithm for TEOM using;
·         Methodic for construction of technology evolution vector.
·         Methodic for choice the main direction for technology evolution based on using Su-field modeling together with analysis of information database (TEOM).
Suggested methodologies have been successfully used in company “Samsung” (South Korea) while providing of set R&D from 2006. It is important that suggested methodology is applicable for team’s work so well – the engineers with different level of knowledge could be equal participants of project team and add their own parts in project under leadership of TRIZ-specialist.
Main elements of scientific novelty are the next:
·         Firstly introduced Su-field analysis, functional and patent analysis as the link of one chain which is used for practical forecasting of technology future development.
·         Firstly suggested method of prediction not only for new final Products but technology of its creation with using technology based on sharing line of evolution and axis of development for Su-field model.
·         Suggested TEOM gives substantiation for possible ways of technology evolution which can be used as top-managers so engineer-researcher                    
·         Suggested methodology includes the construction real scenarios for technology evolution based on specific knowledge in project’s field and basic TRIZ.
·         The research has more descriptive character in its nature and must, and should be systemized and formalized in procedures and connected with other existing method of planning.
·         The introduced empirical materials were obtained while providing of restricted number of R&D. For adjustment of technical area and specific problems of suggested methodology implementation it is necessary to continue the work for obtaining statistical proved materials.
About author of work
MiJeong Song is well-known in Korea TRIZ-specialist. She is skillful in both – as TRIZ problem solving so TRIZ education. While her work for Samsung she took part in providing more than 200 real projects. Most part of these projects was successful finished. She has highest level of professional knowledge (PhD in chemistry) and in area of TRIZ and applies great effort in development TRIZ as a exact science.
The work as the whole has high professional level and meets with approval for positive estimation. I recommend this work for consideration on MA TRIZ Dissertation Council Board. I consider the author of the work Mi Jeohg Song deserved instate TRIZ-Master qualification.
Scientific supervisor
TRIZ master
TRIZ consultant company QM&E GEN 3 KOREA
South Korea, July, 15, 2012.