Information about Boris Axelrod


1. My contact information.

Address: Boris Axelrod, 57 korp.2, ap.12, Marshala Bl'ukhera prosp., St.Petersburg, Russia, 195067


2. Name

Boris M. Axelrod

Борис Моисеевич Аксельрод


3. Current state of TRIZ certification

I am a certified TRIZ specialist of the 4th level;
Diploma #34 of 2002


4. Dissertation title

Проблемно-ориентированный поиск по действию (APOS): системное применение в инновационных проектах

Methodology for Problem and Action Oriented Search (APOS): systems use in innovation projects


5. TRIZ supervisor

Simon Litvin, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer

GEN3 Partners

Ten Post Office Square, 9th Floor, South, Boston, MA 02109.


Phone 1 (617) 728-7011

Fax      1 (617) 728-7500