Re: defense of TRIZ Master theses within MA TRIZ Certification system on July 27, 2008 

Dear colleagues!

1. The session of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council is planned for July 27, 2008 and will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Research works of applicants for TRIZ Master qualification will be analyzed at the session. In contrast to previous sessions it is planned that the Council will work all day long and will analyze up to 6 claimed works.
To the request of MA TRIZ Presidium the session of Dissertation Council will coincide with the conference of TRIZ Developers Summit 2008. ( ).

2. Last version of "TRIZ Certification Regulations for the upper level (TRIZ Master)" is published at the web-site and is to be found in . It contains the description of all necessary requirements and the order of defending theses.

3. In order to plan the work on preparing the session of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council, we kindly ask you to inform us about your wish to present your work for defense before February 10, 2008. For this purpose it is sufficient to advise us concerning the title of planned work, full names of the applicant and the academic advisor of the work.

4. Those who would like to have the defense of their thesis on July 27, 2008, should file an official application before April, 10,  2008. For this purpose, it is necessary to send the application to the address of MA TRIZ President M.Barkan, Chairman of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council S.Litvin and Academic Secretary of the Dissertation Council M.Rubin. It is necessary to submit with your application full names of the applicant and academic advisor of the work (TRIZ Master), the number of applicant’s certificate of Level 4 TRIZ specialist (or a copy of TRIZ Methodologist diploma signed by G.Altshuller), title of thesis, references to no less than five published articles on TRIZ, short abstract of the work (no less than 1000 symbols), as well as an applicant’s photo to be published at the web-site.

5. No later than June 8, 2008 the applicants should send to the Chairman and Academic Secretary all information required for the thesis: the full text of thesis, author's abstract of  thesis, review written by academic advisor, resume of the applicant. All materials are prepared in Russian or in English. Author's abstract of the thesis is presented in Russian and in English. All information sent by the applicants (except phone numbers and addresses intended for private communication) is published at the web-sites  , ,  

6. In compliance with the decision of MA TRIZ Presidium of 2.03.2007 the cost of work on certification for Level 5 amounts to $500. This amount should be remitted by an applicant to MA TRIZ not later than the date of thesis defense (see details of money transaction below).

7. The Dissertation Council members who will actually participate in the defense session of the Council on July 27th will be appointed within one month before the session and the list of these persons will be published.



Chairman of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council

S. Litvin, Ph.D., TRIZ Master


Academic Secretary of MA TRIZ Dissertation Council




P.S. Payment for the work on certification should be effected by remitting money to the account of MA TRIZ: International non-governmental association of professional teachers, developers and users of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)


Bank name

Bank address

Account number


ОАО «Bank «Sankt-Petersburg»

Commercial Department

191011, Russia, St. Petersburg,
Оstrowskiy Square, 7

ABA number



Account name

TRIZ International Association

Bank telephone


SWIFT number




Correspondent Bank: J.P. Morgan CHASE BANK, New York

4, New York Plaza, New York, N.Y.10004, USA

SWIFT: CHASUS33   021000021



Goal of the payment: payment for expertise