Mark G. Barkan TRIZ in a bi-system consisting of TRIZ and Lean Sigma

Application for Defense of TRIZ Master Thesis

Name: Mark G. Barkan
Address: 2660 Oleander Way, #1326, Knoxville, TN 37931, USA
Skype: triznik
Thesis title: TRIZ in a bi-system consisting of TRIZ and Lean Sigma
Brief description: TRIZ stands out in a multitude of approaches for enhancing creativity. Yet, it is not all-encompassing in terms of addressing every aspect of creative/innovation process. This work proposes a first step in developing a holistic approach to creative/innovation process
Scientific advisor: Dr. Sergei Ikovenko
  1. Altshuller’s, classic, definition of a bi-system
  2. Some other definitions of a bi-system
  3. What is TRIZ, qualitative
  4. What is Lean Sigma, quantitative
  5. Why combine
  6. How to combine
  7. A case study  


 Master Thesis

Author's Abstract


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