Information letter No. 3


Information letter No. 3
On preparing TDS-2010
Dear colleagues!
1. The applications for participation in TRIZ-summit-2010, which have been received so far, have been published at the site of TRIZ developers summit. See section . We remind that the main theme of TDS-2010 is    "TRIZ-based methods of forecasting".
2. It is planned that no more than 10-12 developers will take part in the closed session of TDS-2010. The closed session of TRIZ Summit -2010 will take place on July 24, 2010, in St.-Petersburg. Open conference of TRIZ Developers Summit will be conducted on July 25, 2010. It is planned to publish a collection of materials of the conference "TRIZ-based methods of forecasting ".
3. Discussions on developing a new generation of ARIZ are continued at the site of TRIZ-summit. See  . In particular, the articles "ARIZ-2010" by Vladimir Petrov as well as the article by M.Rubin "On the state of development of ASS-2010" have been published. Please, send your reviews and proposals concerning these materials.
4. To the request of the colleagues the deadline of filing a preliminary application for participation in TRIZ-Summit-2010 has been prolonged to December 31, 2009.
We wish you a happy New Year!!!
Kudriavtsev Alexander Vladimirovich           
Litvin Semyon Solomonovich  
Rubin Mikhail Semyonovich  
Founders of "TRIZ Developers Summit" : 
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