Introduction to Methodology of Innovation Design "G3-ID", O.M.Gerasimov


Seminar "Introduction to Methodology of Innovation Design "G3-ID".
4 academic hours.
·      Innovations;
·      Innovation activity;
·      What are innovations needed for;
·      Innovation-killers;
·      MPV (Main Parameters of Value);
·      GPP (Gross Profit Potential);
·      Main directions for profit increasing;
·      Set of G3-ID tools implementing the main directions for profit increase;
·      Typical Road Map for performing projects aimed to increase the product Value;
·      Specific features of Benchmarking;
·      Specific features of Trimming;
·      Specific features of Function-Oriented Search (FOS);
·      Specific features of concept substantiation.
Case study: an example of using the basic procedures of G3-ID methodology in the project aimed to increase product Value.
Founders of "TRIZ Developers Summit" : 
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